The Alphirrim

A shy, reclusive peoples who once inhabited the Rushgore in Parth Celebrant. They were dark of skin and hair, though their eyes were grey-blue. They seldom interacted with other civilizations, save for occasional trade purposes. Most of their livelihood was provided by the marsh, in the form of reeds for clothing, mud for dwellings, and tubers, seeds, and berries for their meals.

Notably, all of the Alphirrim maintained a diet exclusively of plants, occasionally supplemented with wild-foraged eggs and the milk of goats. They eschewed the consumption of all animal flesh, including fish and especially fowl.

The reason for this may have been linked to their legendary ability to skinchange into swans. Reportedly, not all of the Alphirrim possessed this ability, and those who did were primarily female (though male skinchangers were not unheard of). As the Alphirrim maintained no written records, it is difficult to discern the details of this phenomenon.

A passive people, the Alphirrim were the unfortunate victims of the Battle of Celebrant. Either by focused malice or tragic accident, nearly all of the Alphirrim were slain by the Balchoth, the Éothéod, or both.

The Alphirrim were not, by tradition, a nomadic people, preferring to settle in the landscapes they knew well. However, a few individuals did travel south into Rohan and parts of Gondor. The most well-known of these was a woman named Bliss, who left her ancestral home to become the wife of a man of Gondor. Her descendants, best known as the Colagar family, are believed to be the only people left to carry the blood of the Alphirrim.

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