The youngest daughter of House Eluiel Alduial is well known in the city of Minas Tirith for both her exceptional beauty and relentless ambition. Following the deaths of her parents nine years ago Alduial entered the Houses of Healing at the age of thirteen and was groomed for a leadership position by the Master of Healers. She was, sometimes affectionately, referred to as the "Red Bitch of the Healing Houses" by the city soldiers in reference to her normally red attire and sharp mannerisms.

At the war's end a long-standing family quarrel came to a head between herself and her brother and Norinen revoked her funding as a Healer. She subsequently followed Hathlafel Demechil to Dol Amroth.

Recently she has taken up seeing a few patients in the city, working as what she tentatively refers to as an "alienist".

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