Alden Peartree

Name: Alden Peartree
Race and Heritage: Man, Bree-land, Hengstacer Farm
Age and DoB: 20, February 14th
Gender: Male
Height: 5'10
Hair: Towheaded, flat, and short. Poofs up in the mornings, after drying, or in moments of great surprise.
Eyes: Pale green
Physique and Features: Sturdy, but not bulky. Unlike some of his friends who have focused on developing stronger chests and arms, years of riding has ensured that he's consistently had his leg day.

Family: He has two older brothers, Will and Henry, who both work as horse traders
Friends/Enemies: He's friends with Colton Oakley, his bunkmate at Ravenhold, though the two have very different personalities and often fight.
Pets: A dapple gray colt named Temper that he rides for his courier work.

Guild Role: Scout/Courier
Skills: Riding (3), Scouting (2)

Other Facts

  • Alden grew up in a family of horse breeders and traders, and his time around horses has made him him an experienced equestrian.
  • Alden demonstrates considerable patience, traits needed by both horse trainers and scouts alike. He's perfectly content to sit quietly in the trees for hours while hunting or scouting, waiting for the idea; opportunity to present itself.
  • Growing up with limited access to books and no need or desire to seek them out, Alden is illiterate and mostly uneducated beyond what was required on the horse farm.
  • Alden likes to hum or sing to himself (and his horse) while working. He's not embarassed when caught doing it, but doesn't volunteer to entertain while traveling or camping.
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