Alandrion is Thannadan's son, the product of a one night stand with a woman named Heather long before he came north to Eriador (and met Feygil).

Thannadan only discovered Alandrion's existence a few months ago. As quickly as he could, he traveled south to Stonebear, his family's home, to collect the child. Landry's mother had died in child birth, and her elderly parents were raising him as best they could, spending their meager savings to try to locate the boy's father.

Finally, they tracked Heather's movements in Minas Tirith five years ago well enough to get a lead on Alandrion's father. A strong family resemblance and confirmation of Thannadan's tryst by his fellows who had been stationed in the same place confirmed the boy's parentage.

Though she was initially hesitant, Feygil fell quickly in love with the little boy, and has vowed to raise him as if he were her own.

Alandrion's personality is surprisingly reserved. He is very quiet around a stranger, and is slow to warm up to people. He is a very tall boy for his age, suggesting that he will be quite a large man when he's finished growing. He also seems to have a phobia of water.

Current age: 4
Birthday: September

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