Raised in the service of the Witch King, Alagos was long a powerful servant of the Eye, and made his home in the towers of Himbar in Angmar, successfully guarding the way to Carn Dum for many years. Having a particular taste for torture, Alagos was a proud and severe man. He only ever had one student, a young man by the name of Mornenion. Though he did not care for his pupil, a rival's son who proved to be embarrassingly weak and petulant, Alagos taught him as best as he could (or cared to). The Eldar Milloth was, for many years, the greatest thorn in his side until the Elf lord's sister Eruviel came to Angmar. For almost a hundred years she helped the Free People's and Trév Gállorg in the fight against the enemy in Angmar before Alagos was able to capture her.

For several months he held her, and found the elleth to be his greatest challenge to break. Before this could be accomplished, however, a Trév Gállorg war lord named Tithdaron rescued Eruviel. Enraged, Alagos hunted Eruviel and her new companions for several years. Thanks to the skills of her brother, Eruviel recovered, and she, Milloth, and the Dreadward Tribunal hunted Alagos back. His end came when, blinded by Milloth and another of his companion's magic, Eruviel threw him back against the spikes of one of his own devices.

Having forseen the death of part of her company, Alagos cursed both her and the rest of her companions as his life drained away. A little over a year after his death, all but Eruviel were slain. While very much so dead, thanks to a vision, the Elf combats a secret fear that his spirit, or at least the seeds of his hatred for her linger on.

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