A giant red warg capable of speech who once haunted the DrĂșadan Forest in Gondor. His mate and pups were killed by Laerendir, father of Landuin and Oendir, who struck them down using the ancient spear Gimlad.

After the death of his family, Akhbur swore he would hunt the bloodline of Laerendir to its end. It was he who orchestrated the Orcish ambush that nearly cost Landuin his life. When Oendir was cast from the house, Akhbur stalked him through the wilderness all the way to Eriador. During this time he killed and ate Oendir's beloved pony, Pepperfoot.

For years, Akhbur waited for his chance to kill Oendir, but the man was a skilled woodsman and always able to elude the warg. When he finally did catch Oendir in Fornost, he savaged the man's leg. Oendir has walked with a slight limp in his left foot ever since, and the foot aches every time there are wargs nearby.

Eventually, Akhbur saw his chance to truly hurt Oendir when his wife, Onua, was enlisted in the Ettenmoors. Akhbur cornered her in a cave and killed her, making sure that Oendir would know it was he who had done it.

Akhbur continued to hunt Oendir after that, at one point nearly catching and killing his son, During the [/sackingashbottle Sacking of Ashbottle in The Shire, Akhbur and some of his warg allies managed to capture Oendir, but he was rescued by his soldiers before Akhbur could do any real damage.

Frustrated, Akhbur retreated to the Misty Mountains to live out his remaining years in solitude. Years later, Oendir tracked him down and confronted him in the mountains above Goblintown, afraid that the warg would attempt to kill his new wife, Gisala, and their daughter, Elindis. They fought bitterly, evenly matched in skill and strength, though Oendir was eventually able to trip Akhbur off the side of a cliff, thus avenging Onua and ensuring his family's safety.

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