Dark brown eyes peer out at the world from beneath a stormy brow. Any passerby might think him just another rough young man in his early twenties by his clothes, neat goatee, and the weight of his gaze. Little do they know that it is a carefully chosen guise of a man several years younger. Coiled like a spring, he watches, alert as if constantly on the hunt. With a short fuse one can never know what will set him off or when. He speaks little to strangers, trusting only those he must, and even then he may just turn on you.

Originally from Aughaire, Ahiga disappeared a little under two years ago after the murder of his brother and of his mentor. He is a skilled hunter and scout, but both his temper and departure from home saw that his fighting training was never completed. He is scruffy and scrappy, and while those he has clashed with since could attest that he is savage in a fight, they never lived to tell.

Known to no one, he currently works as an errand boy in Bree-land. Worn around his neck is a simple little leather bag filled with small metal plugs. What no one sees is that tucked safely away in his small belt pouch are four tips of pointed ears, each set with a metal plug and strung on a sturdy chain.

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