Hailing from Grimslade, a small town in the mountains in the Westfold of Rohan, Aethelind is the middle child of a large noble family consisting of her parents and her five brothers and sisters. She is the sister-daughter of Grimbold, Thane of Grimslade.

At a young age she began learning the sword from her older brothers, who delighted in teaching the craft to their younger sibling. Her parents, while they expected her to grow out of it, allowed the curious hobby as they foresaw dark days ahead. Aethelind, however, never quite grew out of the need for adventure and glory. While she learned the skills expected of a lady, she continued honing her sword-craft, often in secret by herself or with her dearest brother.

As she grew older, her father and mother began making arrangements for her marriage to take place sometime after her eighteenth birthday. Seeking a glorious life fighting the enemies of the Riddermark, she secretly left her noble family to pursue her own dreams rather than follow her parent's wishes. Throughout the next two years she joined with various companies of sell-swords and adventurers throughout eastern Rohan and the province of AnĂ³rien in Gondor, often disguising herself as a man so her identity would not be discovered.

Aethelind, at 20 years of age, left those regions and made her way through the Gap of Rohan and to Eriador where she then shed her disguise, seeing little possibility of anyone following her so far out of the country. As most travellers who followed the Great North Road did, she eventually ended up in Bree. Now finding the Gap closed off by enemies she finds herself stranded in the North. Since then, she has aided good folk in many of the lands surrounding Bree-land, from fighting off the encroaching White Hand supporters and forces constantly streaming northward to helping stop the spread of warriors and sorcerers from the dread-land of Angmar.

Eventually her journeys will lead her back home; this she knows. What she will find on the way, and what she will discover when she eventually makes it back to the Westfold, remains to be seen.

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