A term coined to describe individuals of unconventional sexual preference (most predominantly, homosexual). The term is most often used in academic circles.

While not intended to be derogatory, the term is often met with skepticism from critics who claim it perpetuates the false assumption of homosexuality as a legitimate lifestyle. In most areas of Middle-earth, particularly more rural settlements like Bree-land, aesthetics are treated with wary tolerance in the best of cases.

Aesthetics do enjoy something of a sanctuary in the city of Dol Amroth, where centuries of trade and cultural exchanges with more open-minded cultures has led to a renaissance of human rights not found in most other areas of Middle-earth. Elsewhere, particularly in Bree, many aesthetics choose to undergo an oath of celibacy to help dispel suspicion.

Notable Aesthetics include:

Beacher Bailey
Dinenor Gilded One
Erlina of Dale
Merriman Goldenseal
Callumn Mossfoot
Dorsett Lacewood
Rush Hawthorn (due to a tragic mispronunciation)
Abiorn Tenorbekk
Emmelina Lilybrook

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