Abiorn Tenorbekk

The younger brother of Anyatka and Eirikr Tenorbrook.

Abiorn is a young lad of sixteen or seventeen, depending on his mood. He grew up secluded in his father, Kolrson Tenorbekk's, manor in the young city of Dale. His family grew wealthy with the rebuilding of Dale and Kolrson became power-hungry and tyrannical. Abiorn currently has a foul mouth of freedom and is testing what life is like with only your older siblings to guide you.

Born with the Middle-earth version of juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, Abiorn spent a good portion of his life swollen and in pain. He often walked with a limp when his ankles particularly became inflamed and the disease also causes rashes, fevers, and flu-like symptoms. While living in Dale, he had no real friends aside from a servant boy named Rókr and his sister, Gillaug.

When his sister, Anya, ran away with an adventuring caravan, Abiorn was left to fend for himself in the abusive Tenorbekk home. He kept to himself and became withdrawn in order to avoid his father's wrath. It was a relief when the eldest Tenorbekk, Eirikr, came to take him back to Bree-land to live with his siblings on Ruby Lake in Durrow-on-Dunwash.

In his time out of the shadow of his father, Abiorn has grown in confidence and strength. During a dangerous and foolhardy moment in Evendim, he found himself vulnerable to a bandit attack. The stress of the moment triggered a shape-shift: instead of a scrawny teen, a looming, reddish-brown bear stood ready to relieve the bandit of his life.

Few know of Abiorn's Beorning blood, but as he is venturing out more, he is forced into situations where his emotions sometimes make it dangerous; his control over the shift is not yet perfected.

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