A young, excitable deaf girl of dubious background. The disowned daughter of Margrette.


Abey, or 'A' as she sometimes refers to herself, grew up without communication skills due to the neglect of her mother; her father left them when it became apparent that Abey was not 'normal.' She has come quite a way in learning Dalish hand sign from Broddi, who helped her integrate into society. So much so that he finally adopted her as his own, despite the meager differential in their respective ages.

Abetha now lives with Brodi and works for him, the best (and quietest!) little gofer money can buy.

Recently, with help from Auntie Cynewynne, Brodi gifted Abey an enormous mastiff puppy, possibly of Huanling heritage, as an ear dog. The pup remains nameless.

Birthday: unknown
Current Age: definitely 13, based on attitude evidence

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